Feb. 2, 2021

New paper out in Neuroimage!

The paper "Network variants are similar between task and rest states" is now available through Neuroimage! 

In this paper, we explore the question of whether locations of individual differences show high consistency between task and rest states. Using MSC data, Kraus et al. show that, while there is some state-dependence, locations of inividual differences are largely consistent between task and rest. This supports the hypothesis that network variants are trait-like and may open up many large datasets with only short rest but lots of task fMRI for interesting network variant analyses!

You can find the paper here and the code used for these analyses in this repository. 

Feb. 2, 2021

New review out in Current Opinion in Behavioral Science!

The review paper "Light through the fog: using precision fMRI data to disentangle the neural substrates of cognitive control" is now available through COBEHA. 

In this review, Smith et al. discuss the importance of individualized fMRI approaches in research that aims to find the neural substrates of cognitive control, and in particular when it comes to addressing questions of the specificity vs. multifunctionality of control regions. 

You can find the review here!

Dec. 14, 2020

Grundies Awards Winners!

On December 2nd, we celebrated the first annual Grundies Awards, where we nominated our favorite papers of this year in the categories of "Cognitive Control, Executive Function and Behavior", "Functional Connectivity and Brain Networks", and "Clinical Applications", as well as some Honorable Mentions. This year's papers were so good, we couldn't choose only one winner!

These were the nominations, with winning papers in bold:

1) Cognitive Control, Executive Function and Behavior: 

- D’Mello et al. (2020). "Evidence for hierarchical cognitive control in the human cerebellum." Current Biology.

- Grant et al. (2020). "Task sets serve as boundaries for the congruency sequence effect." Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance.

- Collet et al. (2020). "Differential Impact of Sleep Deprivation and Circadian Timing on Reflexive Versus Inhibitory Control of Attention." Scientific Reports.

2) Functional Connectivity and Brain Networks:

- Bahg et al. (2020). "Gaussian process linking functions for mind, brain, and behavior." PNAS.

- Newbold et al. (2020). "Plasticity and spontaneous activity pulses in disused human brain circuits." Neuron.

Fox et al. (2020). "Intrinsic network architecture predicts the effects elicited by intracranial electrical stimulation of the human brain." Nature Human Behavior.

- Esfahlani et al., (2020). "High-amplitude cofluctuations in cortical activity drive functional connectivity." PNAS.

3) Clinical Applications

- Nawaz et al. (2020). "Individual Variation in Functional Brain Network Topography is Linked to Schizophrenia Symptomatology." Schizophrenia Bulletin.

- Vesuna et al. (2020). "Deep posteromedial cortical rhythm in dissociation." Nature.

- Greene et al. (2020). "How Tasks Change Whole-Brain Functional Organization to Reveal Brain-Phenotype Relationships". Cell Reports.

4) Honorable Mentions: 

- Zurn et al. (2020). "The Citation Diversity Statement: A Practice of Transparency, A Way of Life". Trends in Cognitive Science. 

- Goldfarb (2020). "Participant stress in the COVID-19 era and beyond." Nature Reviews Neuroscience. 

- Luo & Proctor (2020). "The location-based Simon effect: Reliability of ex-Gaussian analysis." Memory & Cognition. 

- Accetturo et al. "Pirate Attacks and the Shape of the Italian Urban System." Working paper.


Congratulations to the winners! 


Sept. 25, 2020

Welcome Zach

The lab is happy to welcome Zach Ladwig as a new graduate student in the lab!

Zach joins us from the NUIN program at Northwestern University after a succesful rotation last year.

Sept. 25, 2020

Congratulations Alexis

Congratualtions Alexis for earning a spot on the Northwestern's Information Processing T32 Training Fellowship! Way to go!